Cemetery Information


17314 Puposky RD NW (Co Rd 301) just east of Turgi Hill Rd NW


For more information on the Township Cemetery please contact;

Sexton Michelle Anderson 218-243-3029 or email tltmichelle@yahoo.com

Turtle Lake Township Cemetery Policy

• Small 5×10 site $250.00
• Large 7×10 site $300.00
Prices include one burial and three site markings.

BURIALS: Each site can include either one interment (burial in a casket) and three inurnments (cremains) OR four inurnments. One upright monument and up to 3 flat (flush to ground) OR up to 4 flat monuments allowed per site. Please read the MONUMENT section for further information. All burials after the first are $100.00 each, payable to Sexton prior to burial.

MARKINGS: Markings are anytime the site needs to be marked for a burial, monument placement, etc. After three markings, a fee of $25 will be charged, payable to Sexton prior to marking site.

Pricing reflects cost of perpetual care and administrative costs.

To be retained by the Township:
1) Copy of deeds to sites.
2) Map of cemetery, showing ownership of numbered sites.
3) Burial information.

Contact the Sexton who will provide you with information on what sites are available. After deciding on a site, the Sexton will mark the site and set up a time to meet at the cemetery, if desired. The Sexton or Township Clerk will write up the deed or title to the site. At the next regular board meeting, the board will sign the deed and it will be notarized at that time. After being signed and notarized, the document is delivered to and recorded by the County Recorder. The original is sent to the purchaser and a copy is kept in the Town Hall.

1) Trees and shrubs pruned and grounds raked and cleaned up in spring as needed.
2) Grounds mowed once a month or as needed and prior to Federal holidays, if possible.
3) Items on gravesites:
a) Flowers and any items must be securely placed next to/up against the monument/concrete pad to facilitate mowing and trimming.
b) Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: planted trees or shrubs or flowers, fences, rocks, loose items, yard ornaments, etc.
c) Staff may dispose of wilted, dead or acrylic flowers and any other items that interfere with mowing and trimming or that have been weather damaged or not removed by the following time frames:
d) Holidays/Special Occasions – Flowers and items shall be placed no earlier than 7 days prior to, and must be removed no later than 7 days after a holiday/special occasion.
e) Please remove all items NOT related to a holiday/special occasion no later than October 1 of each year.

1) Upright monuments may be erected only on sites fully paid for. Sizing may not exceed in length, ½ the width of the site(s), may not exceed 3 feet in height, and may not exceed ¼ in width of the site(s).
a) 5 foot wide sites: Length would be 5 X .5 = 2.5 or 30 inches; width would be 5 X .25 = 1.25 or 15 inches.
b) 7 foot wide sites: Length would be 7 X .5 = 3.5 or 42 inches; width would be 7 X .25 = 1.75 or 21 inches.

2) Flat monuments must be flush with the ground and may not exceed 3 feet in length and 2 feet in width.
3) All monuments must have a 4-6” base border to facilitate mowing.
4) No gravel or decorative rock is allowed around any monument.
5) Must be set on concrete foundations & set so tops are level.
6) Must be made of bronze, granite, marble or other suitable material approved by the Sexton.
7) Temporary markers must either be replaced with actual monuments or be set in concrete within one year of burial.
8) Foundations & monuments should be installed under the supervision of the Sexton.
9) Each site shall be clearly marked out by Sexton before ground breaking.
10) Please plan accordingly as it is ideal to place the upright monument at one end of the site.
11) All monuments must be within the purchased site and cannot impede mowing.

1) No winter burials, unless the Sexton deems conditions are favorable. Cemetery will not be kept plowed due to expense. If plowing is needed, it will be arranged by the board but paid for by the person requesting it.
2) No picnicking or shooting of firearms in the cemetery at any time.
3) Dogs should be on leashes. Please pick up after dog!
4) NO SMOKING on cemetery grounds.
5) NO ALCOHOL on the cemetery grounds.
6) Trash should be disposed of properly.
7) Improvements made to site(s) shall not encroach unto the adjoining site(s)

If you find that anything needs attention in the cemetery, please notify the Sexton immediately.
Any rules and regulations are subject to change without notice. Any rules and regulations may be adjusted on a case-by-case basis per need.