History of Turtle Lake Township

Turtle Lake Town Hall is situated on the north-south Continental Divide.  Built as a school in 1898, it still has the original copper wood-burning stove.  It is on the National Register of Historic Buildings.  Across from the Town Hall is the Buena Vista ski area, and a short way to the north is Lake Julia, which flows north. A picnic shelter was built in memory of Earle Dickinson and family for all of the work they have done for the township over the years.  Earle was a student when the building was a school.  The simple shelter floor is dedicated in memory of Gordon E. Mayberry by Patricia McIntyre and all of Gordy's family.  He was an advocate of the outdoors and Turtle Lake Township endeavors.  Dedicated on Sunday, July 26, 2009.

The Town Hall is located off Irvine Avenue (County 15), about ten miles north of Bemidji at Lake Julia Drive N.W.

The stone engraving on the Minnesota tablet was erected by the State of Minnesota, Department of Conservation on August 22, 1948.  It reads as follows:

GIACOMO CONSTANTINO BELTRAMI noted that at a point near this site in 1826, this Italian explorer ended his search for the source of the Mississippi River.  His long and difficult journey across wilderness spaces terminated on the shore of the nearby lake which he named Julia.  His observations here convinced him that this lake was the most northern of true source of the river.  Lake Itasca now known to be the true source of the Mississippi Beltrami called the western source.

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Note the photo of the wooden sign engraving.