Minimum Maintenance Road Closures

The Board of Supervisors have voted unanimously and signed a resolution for the closure of the minimum maintenance portion of Tower Road. Signs have been posted to this affect. Gates have also been placed.

Tower Road MM has a road closed to all highway vehicles sign. In addition, a second sign limits the usage dates of ATV class 1 & 2 plus snowmobiles. The reasoning behind this is that running highway vehicles, ATVs and Snowmobiles in the spring, destroys the road and that translates to higher road maintenance costs to our taxpayers. The exact verbiage of this signs read as follows:

“Turtle Lake Township, ATV Class 1 & 2 permitted May 15 – November 30th. Snowmobiles permitted December 1 – March 15.” The second sign reads: “Road closed to highway vehicles.”

On Old Long Lake Road NW IS CLOSED PERMANENTLY TO HIGHWAY VEHICLES. This road is unsafe for such vehicles.

Hiking and Horseback Riding is open all year round.

Road Policy

cRoad Policies and Standards 2021 revision (1)110121.pdf